Hey now R&P- can you recommend a song that has part of the accompanying video filmed looking out of a moving train?

Preferably an extended part of the video.

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  • 6 months ago
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    LOL this one came to mind by The Muppets...Saying Goodbye :))


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    • ♫ iᘔᘔY
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      6 months agoReport

      I love the muppets lol.
      Leaving?? I can't find the EXIT to this place but this song came to mind. Hope you're well too.Enjoy the rest of your weekend L

  • Binks
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    6 months ago

    Sorry Livin', could not find a video of people looking out the window of a train. The best I could do is a song about a train. There are some pictures taken from inside the engineer's compartment. It's a cool video, with a pretty good history of "The East Coast Racer"

    Big Big Train - East Coast Racer


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  • vtd288
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    6 months ago

    "End of the Line" - The Travelling Wilburys


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