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If the doctors book you in to get induced as a safety precaution - at what stage would they do this? On your actual due date or before??

7 months pregnant (32 weeks so far) I may have too much fluid - going to see a consultant next week and this could be a factor.

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    There is no specific date. It's dependent on your issue.

    Treatment would be the first course of action. They would do everything they can to keep the baby in until at least 37-38 weeks unless there's no other option. In the case of polyhydramnios, the vast majority of cases are mild to mod (and yours would very likely fall into that both statistically and because you are only a suspected case, a severe case would show on regular ultrasound although you'd still get follow up tests) and almost always go to 39-40 weeks gestation before induction is necessary. In mild cases, treatment isn't usually necessary, and if the polyhydramnios is caused by an underlying condition such as diabetes, treating the condition treats the polyhydramnios.

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    That's a highly individual situation. In general they want to keep a mom pregnant as long as possible and to try to get her to 39+ weeks if it can safely be done. If not they'll aim for 37 weeks, but if even that's not possible then a decision will be made based on both baby's development and mom's safety.

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    Depends on the reason for the induction.

    If there are medical issues that mean it's is safer for baby to be 'out' than 'in' , they would likely recommend induction as soon it's safe to do so. (In general, they try to NOT induce much before 37 weeks -- but sometimes there are reasons to do so. A friend of mine had a c-section at 34 weeks due to a rare complication with her twin pregnancy.)

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    With a healthy pregnancy you'd probably not be induced much before forty-two weeks, or two weeks postdates.

    If there is something wrong with you or the baby where they need to get them out early (and 32 weeks is very early) they *can* technically induce you at this point although possibly a c-section might be preferable depending on specifically what's the problem with you or the baby. They'd mostly prefer to keep you pregnant to let the baby develop as much as they can.

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      Note that "due date" is simply a mathematical calculation based on averages - the human body and Mother Nature never work to exact timetables.

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