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How can I help my brother?

So he's 16. Usual girls, smoking, and illegal stuff. He's been hanging around a bad group of kids lately and he's smokes (really likes switchers??) and he's always doing something with some girl. But like this girl he's so hung up on is a felon. Like, she has broken into and stolen items from vehicles. And the only reason he likes her is because she gives him what he wants. But now he's been doing some crazy stuff like hanging out with a 29 year old man with a wife and kids and they go driving around, speeding. I know I've seen a lot of people shake hands with him and be like "my man wassup!" And it just concerns me. Just recently he did a burn out and done some donuts and then got his car straight piped. His car was ruined and he got a flat tire. We could BARELY afford the expenses to fix it. When I confront him I'm very harsh and so is our mother and I can't help to think this is hurting him. I don't like to say much but I'm worried. I really don't want him to get in trouble, get kidnapped or raped because these people are for real sketchy. I understand he's 16 he's young but what about responsibility? Please help!

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    you should tell the police what hes doing, what hes doing is illegal and very dangerous

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  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    you need to tell the police what hes doing so they can put an end to it before sorneone gets hurt

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    I would call the police and file a report and hopefully get him and other people his with arrested, very concerning behavior, and illegal activity, I would do it as soon as possible, don`t wait, this is a urgent matter

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    Tough love. You can’t baby anyone, my 14 year sister thinks smoking and partying is the only way to have fun and not be a kid. Excuse my mouth but **** that, you are a child, you can hate me all you want, 16 is different, it’s like a middle stage, but at the same time, understand he’s still young, therefore put ya foot down. Let him be mad, act out. He will see one day that you are doin the best thing for him and he will appreciate it. Trust me. Hope that helps.

  • Carson
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    5 months ago

    Your intuition is right. All of it is bad. I would be more worried about the girl. He can't think around her.

    He shouldn't be around a 29 yr old. That guy is problem two. Anything illegal will come from him.

    Get him away from all of that.

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    I wish I had advice, but I would be concerned too. This is not the "Usual girls, smoking, and illegal stuff" - it's not usual, it's unusual. It is not normal to be dating a felon, at least not for the people I know. Hopefully your brother will realize that these people are only causing him pain; for example, his car was ruined. The best thing you and your mom could do is to stop saving him. The perfect opportunity would be NOT to fix his car. Say something like, "we love you, but you're old enough to make your own choices about who you hang out with and what you do, and you're old enough to pay for the consequences if you make poor choices." That's the #1 most effective thing you can do to encourage someone to change. Be loving and kind (in your words) but very very firm in your actions/boundaries, and do not give him any money for ANYTHING or bail him out from ANYTHING. My parents did that with my brother (he was 19) and it saved his butt. It really turned him around because he didn't want to be homeless, etc. I think if they'd pampered him he would have ended up in some serious trouble.

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