Why can t I figure out how to put my lyrics into rhyme more efficiently?

I ve learned how to memorize Jay z lyrics and Eminem and many others but I can t figure out how to put my own lyrics into rhythm sometimes and I have dope lyrics which most of the time I want to rhyme the entire sentence but take so long to structure it into rhythm. I don t take long to memorize the rhythms of other mainstream artists but I do with my own and wonder if this is part of the reason why it takes this long to make a song or am I missing something here. Most of the time I can t complete my verses.

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    Your biggest problem is that you are your own worst enemy. You are being too critical of yourself, and it keeps you from making any mistakes.

    No one, but NO one, writes everything perfect on the first take. So here's my advice.

    Screw up. Screw up a lot.

    Once you quit being gunshy about coming up with a few bad rhymes, bad ideas and songs that simply don't work, you'll get a couple that actually DO work. So keep writing and performing, and taking those chances. And maybe someday, we can work together.

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