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do martial art inscrutors often go to there students facebook pages to see "what kind of people they are outside of training"?

and will remove them or confront them if they post anything about fights?

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    6 months ago
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    This kind of reminds me of Jame Mitose. He took responsibility for 1 of his students actions, he student murdered someone over a debt.

    My own instructor had to deal with a few students who took the wrong path. And yes your outside actions do reflect the school.

    Just as a parent should take the responsibility of their children and upbringing. Remember you represent your family, neighborhood and schools you attend.

    Another example is that of a US service member in a foreign country. They represent the US and their actions should be held accountable for.

    I recall several years ago when a US service members committed crimes in Korea and Okinawa. And the result of their actions actually forced a down size of forces in those respected countries. (years of bad conduct and they were the straws that broke the camels back, so to speak)(And upon continuation of leasing the property forced a downsize in those areas).

    So when you go and commit a crime you represent your family and school. And a good instructor should look into this. Mainly when you start moving up in rank and learning more advanced techniques. This should also come into consideration when you test for blackbelt. It shows what type of a person you truly are outside of class and training. I would not want to let a bad apple learn certain things, such as choking techniques or bone breaking.

    The instructor has a responsibility of teaching the art. And on the other hand he can not pass on knowledge to those not deserving or o bad character.

  • 6 months ago

    Not unless they are friends outside of the dojo or have some legit reasons to snoop. Most MA instructors have lives outside of training students and most MA students use the training as a focus for their aggression and to gain self-esteem, not to be a bully or use it to cause trouble. Trouble makers generally don't stay MA students long term.

  • 6 months ago

    Seems stalkerish and way outside the relationship bounds of an instructor and a student. A lot of these martial arts instructors think too much of themselves.

  • martin
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    6 months ago

    There are many conscientious martial art instructors who worry about whether the skills they teach will end up harming innocent people, but most instructors just do their best to teach responsible use of deadly skills, and instill a sense of honor in their students. Some instructors could check Facebook if they suspected a particular student was irresponsible and dangerous.

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  • Rick B
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    6 months ago

    their sudents' faceboook.

    not there students

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