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I had a dream I was scissoring with a girl. (Im a girl)?

So at the beginning of the dream I was a guy but then I was kind of waking up and I realized I was actually a girl. So I started kissing this other girl and then we scissored. Also it felt like I was about to orgasm but then I didn't because we stopped. I think I've dreamt about kissing a girl before and I have realized that I never dream about having sex with a guy. I do like guys though. What does this mean?

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    There is a saying that goes "everything in dreams is about sex... except sex".

    I don't think that is true but i also wouldn't assume this has anything to do with sexuality. Dream interpretation isn't a science, but sex in dreams is often about absorbing or rediscovering something for yourself that you see in someone else or from an outside source that is symbolized by whoever the object of the sexual activity is. Nobody can really tell you what the dream is REALLY about. Dreams are influenced more by the mind they spring from than anything else. There aren't any hard rules for what things mean.

    Journalling sometimes can help. Noting stuff from your day, feelings, worries, plans and dreams can give you sort of like a dictionary to find similarities or themes. Also, sometimes people figure out that they're actually gay even after having reasons to assume straightness before. No matter what though, this dream doesn't have to mean anything to you if you don't want it to. Good luck.

    Source(s): Lots of crazy dreams. Also, assuming i was straight but then figuring out I was actually really gay and just didn't have the context to understand that I was.
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    if dreams had any real basis.... I could fly (levitate) and have super power and could wipe out all the bad humans with a thought

    none of this has any basis in fact -- it is just dreams.....

    if your practicing creative writing.... this is not working

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    means you want to kiss and scissor a girl

  • Rich
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    Focus on the Word of God since you will be standing before him one day soon to give an account of your life.

    Let the Word of God be the lamp unto your feet.

    if you are doing anything contrary to His Will repent and make sure you are cleansed from your sin by the blood of Jesus. Don't die one day with an unrepentant heart, please!

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    What do you mean?

  • 6 months ago

    You might have a sexual attraction to girls as well

    you might be bi

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