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Can i make my neighbors pay for my dogs anus damage?

I have two small female terrier mixes and my neighbors have like at least 6 males of all kinds that always come on my property because they have a shitty fence. I cam back outside and saw a black lab raping one of my dogs. He was like three times her size. I stopped it. Now her asshole has changed size, color and shape. It looks abnormal and she also licks it and seems uncomfortable. Does she need to go to the vet for anything or will it go away? We cant really afford a vet. Anything we can do at home like neosporn? Thanks

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    yeah id say so

    i believe that would fall under negligence

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    6 months ago

    You need to get the dog in for a gravid spay. She is likely pregnant, and will not be able to give birth or perhaps even carry the pups full term. If they have a "shitty fence" then why don't you have a good fence? And why are you letting unspayed dogs out in heat, unsupervised? This goes two ways. You can file for damages perhaps in small claims court, or report them to animal control for their dogs being out of the yard, but unless you have a picture of the dogs in the act, you have no proof. Fence your yard in properly - get the dogs spayed - and it is no longer an issue. You technically are "allowing" the dogs in your yard by not having it securely fenced, and the neighbors need to keep their dogs in their yard. Both of you are wrong. Take pictures of their dogs in your yard, and report them to animal control. And get your female spayed before the pregnancy kills her.

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    Why are your dogs not SPAYED????? If your dogs were spayed, then the dogs next door would not be "raping" them!!!!!!!! Your dog can still get spayed. That would be the best thing - as having been bred with a much larger dog can possibly kill her. A puppy might get stuck in the birth canal!!!!!!!

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    Is your fence shitty too? Or you didn't even bother to build a fence?

    - If the dog came on your property once = if your dog is injured would be their fault

    - If their dogs constantly come on your property and you do anything to stop it = how is that not your fault.

    Does your dog need medical attention? Probably not.

    You an put some good moisturizer on the dog like coconut oil or aquaphor and if doesn't clear up quickly then you should take the dog to the vet.

    You need to put a cone or pjs on the dog so she can't lick the oil off.

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