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Would it be wrong on my end if I did what I wanted to do and dyed my hair and got a tattoo?

So once I turn 18 I want to be able to dye my hair and maybe get a tattoo. Although my parents have made it clear that they will not help me out with college and possibly disown me if I go through with doing these things. They have said I would look ugly if I dyed my hair and that I would be trashy if I got a tattoo.

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    Sometimes parents don't realize when their children are of age to make their own personal choices. Dyed hair and tattoos do not make someone look ugly or make them a different person. You are still you.

    Now you can test the waters. If your parents hold tough, you may find yourself without back up and support. Or they may come to terms that you are now your own person, growing up and calling your own shots.

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    You wouldn't be the first kid (or adult living with parents) to go against the parents will and do this and won't be the last.

    But living with your parents and an adult - they can legally kick you out.

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    My mom was a total control freak, never let me dye my hair, so when I finally turned 18 I dyed my hair and started getting tattoos. I’m turning 24 in 2 months and don’t regret any tattoos I have. Some people go through phases like this and some people just really enjoy expressing themselves this way. Hair you can always dye back, but be sure into really into tattoos before getting one and not just trying to rebel against your parents.

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    You can do whatever you want to your hair and body once you turn 18 - but as an adult, you also need to take responsibility for your actions.

    So if your parents for example don't support these, you may lose their support, or be kicked out (if you live with them).

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  • Laura
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    5 months ago

    If there is a chance of your parents cutting you off and disowning you, you shouldn't get the tattoo or color your hair.

    Just wait until you are living on your own and then do whatever you want, they can't do much if you are living on your own and they aren't paying for anything.

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    That depends when you turn 18 you're old enough to make your own decisions if you want to trade your parents has financial assistance and a good relationship for your dyed hair and a tattoo that's up to you.

  • 5 months ago

    stop thinking like a child … act like an adult … respect your parents.

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