How/Where do I report a business that makes illegal shipments?

There is a business in my area that makes shipments internationally to a specific country. However, the way they ship is by charging by weight or for specific items (electronics, etc.) Then, they tell you when and where to pick it up. Parallel to this, they find people that will travel to that country and offer $180 for each 50lb luggage they bring for them. The suitcase they give this is filled with the stuff from people who are paying to ship their belongings. This helps people to pay less to travel. My point is that in an airline, you are supposed to bring your own belongings and pack your own luggage, not third parties'. Also, when they are marketed as a shipping agency, they don't specify the method they use and how risky it is (They don't know the shippers entirely, they are strangers!).

Does anyone know how I can report this business? Do you find any other reasons why this could be illegal?

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  • martin
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    7 months ago

    You would report this to the US State Department or to the FBI.

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  • 7 months ago

    As you are an expert on what is legal then you report it to the appropriate legal enforcement agency in your area.

    What you describe is not illegal in most parts of the planet.

    It is a simple version of courier shipping done in places that have only a few packages going to some particular destination.

    The passenger "sells" some of their luggage space. At destination country they face the Customs inspection. If it is bad stuff like drugs they get the jail time not the shipper.Normal products are handled in the normal way and the passenger leaves the inspection area and turns the items over to the destination specified

    you are supposed to bring your own belongings and pack your own luggage, TRUE but not mandatory.

    YOU as passenger are responsible for what the contents are. It can be inspected before the Airline allows it on board and should bad stuff be found they turn you the passenger over to Police.

    It is not illegal to carry stuff for others hint the present you deliver for grandma from your sister is the same thing.

    It is risky as many with smuggle drugs in this manner. They do not care if the mule goes to jail.

    Would I do it? ONLY if I can inspect the items I am expected to carry.

    There are websites of many groups that do this as some locations do not have enough business for a regular commercial delivery DHL or Fedex

    Some Airport Customs areas even have a special counter for these passengers to show their packages.

    Nothing special in the world of international shipping. Not as frequent since Airlines reduced the luggage limits passengers have.

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  • 7 months ago

    The illegality is in getting around customs duties. You could try reporting them to the US Customs bureau. They're probably too small for the feds to be interested in.

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  • 7 months ago

    talk to whoever is in charge of that business about it

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  • 7 months ago

    If something illegal or criminal goes on - as you assume - you should go to the cops. If it's a huge operation, see the DA instead.

    But from your description it sounds a lot like a courier service operation. I don't see your point - nothing fishy goes on here.

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