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Air conditioner won’t keep up? What could be the issue?

My mother and I just moved into our grandmother’s house. Since we moved in, we noticed our grandma’s AC unit runs constantly. It has only been 80 degrees each day we’ve been here, and her house is medium-sized, but we noticed her air conditioner won’t keep up. It’s set at 72, but during the hottest part of the day, the thermostat will register 78-79 and keep running.

Once the sun goes down, it is able to catch up and hit 72 and shut off. What could be the cause of the lag? The unit is 27 years old, so we’re wondering if it may need replaced soon. The AC guy is coming tomorrow.

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    Sounds like it is well due for replacement, no matter how much servicing it has had. Much depends on the area you wish to be cooled, so perhaps too much is expected of it's performance. Close as many doors as is possible and install more air conditioners for other rooms.

    We only turn our air conditioner on if days are going to be 100°F plus. We turn the air conditioner on early if the day is going to be above 30°C. It can often be mid 40°Cs

    in Summer here and those are the days we really appreciate it.

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    it is old and needs replacing

  • Joe
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    5 months ago

    The unit is 27 years old ? Buy a new one that's the right size. Any other questions ?

  • Gremlins are inside your AC... it happens when not properly maintained...

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    Filter may be clogged or it may have a freon leak. If it's an outside unit, it could simply need cleaning.,

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    low on refrigerant [R-22 a/k/a Freon] is likely cause. that happens because there's a very small leak somewhere.

    The a/c guy should have a leak detector and use it. If he doesn't and starts his sales pitch -- throw him and his company out -- you've found someone less than fully honest.

    There are plenty of a/c units that only need an extra one or two pounds of refrigerant, after which they'll run the entire season just fine. That should cost far less than the payments on a replacement system -- which is what a lot of these outfits try to sell.

    It is also possible to put a 'stop leak' product in the system, which might [or might not] stop the leak for years. That should cost under $100. [plus the service call charge.]

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    i think the hotter it gets its harder for it to cool the place, rnine gets like that too

  • Steve
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    5 months ago

    27 YEARS OLD!! Hell yeah it needs replacing! At best, it needs a good cleaning, or the coils are iced over or the Freon/coolant has leaked out. There's much that could go wrong with a unit that old. The repairman will get to the bottom of it.

  • 5 months ago

    Well, beyond the obvious that this AC unit is well beyond its natural life, here are some things that could be wrong:

    1. The unit is out of freon. This is the gas that causes the air to be cooled. Most whole-house units need to be refilled or topped-off every few years.

    2. The unit is dirty/dusty and isn't getting good air flow.

    3. The unit simply isn't big enough to cool the whole house.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I'll assume the AC is the correct size unit so if it is then most likely it needed to be recharged.

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