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How do I stand up to my younger sister without getting kicked?

I m her older brother. Although she s younger, she s way stronger than me and can beat me in a fight and she knows this. Whenever I don t do what she asks, she comes to my room in a short dress and high heels, locks the door, and casually places her heel on my groin. In order to not get kicked, I need to do whatever she tells me to or else I ll receive a painful kick to my groin. How do I stand up to her without getting kicked?

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  • 7 months ago

    Wow, your entire story sounds incredibly hot!!! You're a lucky guy.

    Did you know that opposite-sex siblings often fight because they're trying to neutralize the subconscious erotic attraction between them? So explain that fact to your sister, tell her that she's the best sister in the entire world, and tell her that the fighting is doing nothing except getting you excited about being dominated by her.

    Then tell your sister that you want her to tie you up and boss you around. Tell her that you'd be happy to be her slave. Tell her that locking the door and putting her heel on your groin is an amazing turn-on.

    Then ask your sister to put on a slow striptease for you. Or, you offer to strip for her; she'd probably enjoy the idea of fooling around naked with you once she hears how you truly feel about her.

    Asking your sister if she wants to take a shower with you to wash off all the sweat after wrestling with her would be a good idea to plant into her head.

    Whisper into your sister's ear that she's super-hot, and that her actions are causing you to develop a "sister fetish" and that she's now your main masturbation fantasy. Explain that the forbidden taboo of siblings hooking up (nuzzling noses, whispering affection, French kissing, fingering, ear licking, naked cuddling, mutual masturbation, nipple sucking, wet grinding, oral, condom-free natural intercourse) is a huge thrill for you now.

    Tell your sister all of the other girls seem to be boringly "normal" when compared to her. Ask your sister if she'll fulfill your naughty taboo fantasies of forbidden sibling erotic romance in real life. Offer to sneak into her bedroom late at night for some sibling passion after your parents have gone to sleep.

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    • Tom7 months agoReport

      Finally - (sibling erotic romance which starts with brother reading sibling incest manga) and (brother becomes fascinated by his sister, her butt, and her bikini while spending time together in the family pool).

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  • 7 months ago

    thats assault, just call the police and they will corne over and get her

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  • Ambar
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    7 months ago

    First, I wanted to commend you on being a good brother and not reacting in violence back to her. If you can't work it out with her then go to your parents. but if you want to try working it out first, check out the following link, it has advice on getting along with your siblings, there may be some points that can help you in your situation …

    Also check out the following link on bullying and what to do about it. It focuses on bullying at school, but the advice applies to any bullying, even with siblings at home …

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  • 7 months ago

    work out dude. stop being lazy

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  • 7 months ago

    You live a very active fantasy life don't you.

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  • 7 months ago

    What you do is you tell your parents and you make it very plain is that if she keeps sexually assaulting you that you're going to report it to the police and to the child welfare immediately and if somebody threatens you after you say that run out the door and get straight to the child welfare and report your sister for child sexual abuse because that is exactly what it is she is abusing you sexually! And if your parents are allowing it then they're criminals and they need to be behind bars. Don't take sexual abuse you don't have to make it known to the child welfare department. I guarantee you the very first time then an officer from the child welfare comes to the door and you stand up for yourself and tell them that your sister is assaulting you sexually it will stop. kicking a person in the groin grabbing them in the groin punching them in the groin is still considered sexual assault you don't have to put up with it.

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