I am preparing for a 2 week hiking trip. 2 man tent, 1 man tent, or hammock?

I am hiking in the black mountain NC area. I have used a hammock before, but didn't sleep well. If the weight advantage is worth it, then I might invest in a 2 person version, as I only have the 1 person. Also, what specific model/style of 2 or 1 man tent should I get. My weight limit is 6 pounds, but lighter the better. I am accommodating only myself.

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    6 months ago
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    Id check what they've got available at your local sporting goods store, but definitely tend more towards a two man than a one man tent, if you can find one light enough. A one man tent will fit one fully grown adult and absolutely nothing else, so if you want to have som e of your gear in with you, it needs to be a two man.

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    i would just get a one rnan tent

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