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Can it be too late to get rid of genital warts?

I was a teen when I first noticed them... was and am not sexually active but I have neglected them for years. Only recently did I go to a gynecologist but is it possible for it to be too late to get rid of them? If I got rid of the warts, will I still spread it? Please answer, I'm scared for my sex life.

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    First, the warts can be removed but for some it can be a long process.

    The virus that causes wasrts HPV often stays in the body for a while after the warts are gone so they can recur. The good news is most people clear HPV naturally from their bodies within 2 years, but its not true for everyone. Some can carry the virus for life.

    Most strains of hpv have no symptoms. Some of those strains can cause cancer. The strains that produce warts are more of a nuisance and rarely cause cancer.

    Most people who have gov even the strains that produce warts are asymptomatic and never know they have it. Only women can be tested for gov, men cannot so without symptoms there is no way for a man to know they carry the virus.

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    Even if you were to have them removed, you would still spread it.

    The virus stays with you forever.

  • If you haven't had anything to do with sex then it's probably not genital warts.

    Being sexually active means that you've had sex before. If you have had oral sex, anal sex or intercourse before then you're sexually active. That does not mean how long since you last had sex, that would be some thing like being abstinent.

    Go see another doctor and get a second opinion, tell them you've never had sex before.

    It is possible to spread low-risk HPV even if someone doesn't have visible warts (an outbreak). However, avoiding skin-to-skin contact while someone is having an outbreak, can help reduce the possibility of transmission. Cervarix helps prevent 2 strains of HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer only.

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    If you're not sexually active how the hell did you get genital warts >>>????

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    It is the gift that keeps on giving. Once you have them, you have them forever. Sorry.

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