What would be today’s equivalent to the Dell inspiron N5010? It isn’t working anymore and I want the new one to be the same specs or better?

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    6 months ago
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    all new computers come with Windows 10, and that really needs a powerful computer if you don't want it to feel sluggish.

    don't look at the model or make. look at the CPU processor, and try to get one with an SSD instead of (or in addition to) an HDD.

    for the CPU, you will want an 8th or 9th Gen Core i5 or i7 CPU. anything less will feel slower than molasses.

    if you can get dual channel DDR4 RAM (two identical sticks), that will also help.

  • 6 months ago

    It's a first-gen i5, so almost everything will be faster. The original list price was about $1000 USD, so assuming you want to pay a similar price for one from Dell, the Inspiron 15 7000 would be a good match.


  • dawnee
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    6 months ago

    I'd get a Lenovo laptop

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