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Can anyone read my fiances MRI report showing diffuse axonal and other injuries and tell me more simply what all of it means?

FINDINGS: The pituitary, sella, and craniocervical junction are unremarkable. There are punctate areas of diffusion restriction with associated small T2/FLAIR signal hyperintensity in the bilateral frontal lobes likely due to subacute infarct. There is an area of hemorrhage with blooming artifact, low T1 signal and increased T2 signal along the posterior body of the corpus callosum. On susceptibility weighted imaging, there are numerous punctate areas of susceptibility artifact in the supra and infratentorial brain compatible with diffuse axonal injury. There is a thin left cerebral convexity fluid collection which follows CSF on all sequences likely representing a subdural hygroma. There is no midline shift. The basal cisterns remain patent. The major intracranial flow voids are preserved. A maturing posterior scalp hematoma is present. The imaged orbits and globes are unremarkable. There is mild bilateral maxillary sinus mucosal thickening and trace mastoid effusions.


1. Contusion of the posterior body of the corpus callosum. 2. Evidence of diffuse axonal injury in the supra and infratentorial brain. 3. Punctate subacute infarcts in the bilateral frontal lobes. 4. Thin left cerebral convexity extra-axial fluid collection likely represents a small subdural hygroma.

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    Go to a F***ing Doctor!

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