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I need help with my hair for college. PLEASE?

Okay so I am about to go out of state for college in a small town in kansas( I’m from Dallas) and my mom has done my hair all my life .. I have 4b hair and she does my box braids and sew ins. My natural hair is hard to maintain and I really don’t want to have it out in school. I would just do wigs but I play volleyball in college. I don’t know how to braid or do sewin on myself so what are some things I can do with my hair that are actually pretty and work well with volleyball

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    5 months ago
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    Every college has a chat board on their website. Ask for help in finding a local hair stylist you can afford.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    You could look for beauty schools in the area, where they charge about one fourth of what a salon would charge. Or, you could go super short with a natural 'do, that would show off your bone structure and be MUCH less hassle to maintain.

  • Bob
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    5 months ago

    wear a hat......................................................

    • Ruby5 months agoReport

      I’m guessing you can’t read.....

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