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What's so important about blacks so they have to dominate TV, there are Whites, Hispanics, Middle Easterners, and Asians in this country too?

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    I don't know where you got that idea. I rarely see blacks on TV.

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    Yes it is and I am guessing you have cable TV and your box is stuck on BET

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    There MANY shows that include all skin colors of people. There happen to me a lot of blacks and whites in the US, so there are a fair number of TV shows that have a primarily black or white cast. There are and have also been shows with hispanics and asians as the main characters.

    What's your knowledge seeking question? Your current post is just a complaint, bordering on insulting.

  • 5 months ago

    I'll answer your question just as soon as you successfully justify posting it anonymously. If you're just one more bigot troll however, please don't bother to respond. Thanks!

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  • 5 months ago

    It may seem ironic to some, but a large reason for this stems from the economic boom of the 1980s (you know....all that 'evil Reaganomic' stuff)..

    By the end of the 1980s black Americans had more buying power than ever before in history and were also known as a dependable and loyal buying segment. Marketers rushed to lock down this buying group across the board and "urban" themes became popular in music, fashion, sports and entertainment.

    Many seem to forget that FOX got its foothold against the Big Three networks by producing programs like "ROC" and "In Living Color" aimed directly at black audiences in the early 1990s.

    Black Americans are still a demographic that tends to make buying decisions as a group. For a variety of reasons Asians and Middle Easterners are not....and while you might not see obvious outreach to Hispanic viewers on mainstream TV, you should know every major network has invested heavily in Spanish language stations for this same purpose.

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