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i have feelings for my flatmate, should i tell him the truth?

We met a year ago, he’s the first person i met when i moved to UK. we share a flat with other 5 people, two of them are a couple, the other 2 guys moved here 3 months ago and now they are friends. I had a very good feeling with him, we talked a lot but now looks like he is ignoring me because he is just talking to them ( close in the room and I am kind of a stranger). Should i talk to him? i’m a bit disappointed and confused, he’s important to me but he doesn’t know and probably he doesn’t care

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    If you all have really good conversations, then I would tell him the truth. However, if you are not ready, I do know that when new people come around, friendships are made. He may just be interested in the new friends he is making, which is fine.

    Stop being a stranger to the new flatmates and get to know them. Do your own thing and create a solid friendship with the people you live with first. Then, from there, I am sure you and him will continue talking, and if you feel comfortable, you can tell him how you feel. Just for now, stop being a stranger to the new guys, since you will be living with them. Enjoy the UK, the new places and people you will meet, and just relax- it will work. No need to get disappointed or confused- don't let people have power over your emotions like that. 😊

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    Naturally, you should talk.....AND listen. Nothing's no attracts more than being made to feel what you say matters .

    Smile sweetly whenever you meet

    Above yourself, and be there

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    If he's interested in you, and you're showing your interest, he'll let you know.

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