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Why Are Some Teachers Such Slow Graders?

By slow I mean months and months have passed by and you still haven’t received the grade you got on that assignment. I’m in high school and my English teacher this year was such a slow grader. For example our class of 30 students wrote an essay in August and she passed it back in December. Then in February we wrote another essay and she entered in the grades in June an hour before grades were due. She didn’t even enter some of the many assignments she assigned because she ran out of time. It’s unacceptable that she takes 4 months to grade 30 essays. She also assigns a ton of homework, which is probably why she’s always behind on grading. What’s up with teachers like this?

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    You seem to think she only has 30 students. If she teaches six classes a day then she has the work of 180 to grade. But you're right she is taking far too long.

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    Because they're human. Your "30 essays" aren't the only things they're grading. How many class periods do you have per day? Multiply that times 30 and that's about how many assignments they have to grade. That's a lot, especially when it comes to essays. And not all will get entered because there's no law that states the teacher has to take and record a grade on all assignments.

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    She's lazy and stupid.

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    Same reason some students are such slow learners.

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    Because teachers only receive pay for roughly 1 hour per day to do all of their prep and grading. If you are reading 150-200 essays that each take 30 minutes to an hour to grade....well, you do the math.

    While, I completely understand that it is ridiculous for a teacher to do that from a student's stand point (I mean, how can you learn from the feedback if you never get feedback) but there is also the teacher side. I don't really know what the answer is perhaps smaller writing assignments with quicker feedback.

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