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Root canal or extraction for a fractured molar?

My upper left middle molar is close to my sinuses. My insurance does not cover root canal for molars. An extraction would be free. I ve heard root canals harbor bacteria.


My dentist and the oral surgeon advised me to save the tooth and have a root canal.

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    When a Root Canal Treatment is done correctly, it can be very effective. With a 90% success rate this is the only method of saving a tooth when the decay has gone too far and reached your nerve. If you want to try and save the tooth and you think you will miss it, struggle to eat without it, or are concerned about the gap, then go for the root canal. If you aren't concerned about saving the tooth then opt for the extraction but just bear in mind that it may be a perfectly saveable tooth.

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    A root canal is not a fix for a fractured tooth. Extraction is a fix. I don't see the issue.

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    What are you asking? Your provider would be the one billing the insurance company, so they would need to be able to truthfully bill correctly, whether that would get you covered or not depends and its something you need to discuss with them. If they want to do an extraction, then no problem. But you would need a fake tooth (bridge, implant etc) to be able to chew, which may be or not covered and may be more expensive than something else. Again, you need to talk frankly with your provider.

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    If the molar is cracked a root canal probably cannot be done. Either an extraction or a bridge or implant are your only options. The implant is the most costly.

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      interesting detailed answer;also, if the Dentists think it can be saved, TRY SAVE IT!! quacks are the ones that go for extractions rather than fillings!!may be have very good Dentists!! Ask them re the procedure;People EAT using molars,if coverage doesnot INCLUDE molar care, Get different coverage!!

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