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Is Escondido or Long Beach a nicer town to live in?

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    They aren't really comparable.

    Escondido is an inland city that is blazing hot a lot of the time. It doesn't really have any of it's own personality - predominately track homes, chain restaurants and, mainstream stores.

    Long Beach is coastal (although because it has an east/west facing beach is warmer than most other coastal areas. There are one of kind stores & restaurants. It has walking neighborhoods. It has little shopping &/or restaurant hubs - Belmont Shore, 4th Street, Retro Row, Bixby Knolls, Cal Heights, Steelcraft, The Hangar, etc.

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    I agree with 'A Hunch' in that they aren't that comparable. Personal preference comes into play. Long Beach is part of the extended 'LA Freeway hell and sprawl'. East of Escondido you basically start heading out to the desert which means less populated. Still very hot. You're 45 mins or more from the beach depending on traffic. Again, different cities which you'd have to experience yourself and decide what is important to you.

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