Virtuosic flute solo pieces?

Currently learning bozza image and Zgraja flamenco studies any other flashy flute solos?

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  • 6 months ago

    Are you seeking unaccompanied, with piano, or with orchestra? And what suggestions did your private flute teacher already give you? We do not want to repeat miles of titles. However - I can send you MASSIVE amounts of titles - so hope we can narrow this down some.

    BTW - you stats look like you pirated someone else's account - or lied on your own. 200% best answers? Some trick . . .

    Here goes - one I own, play, and many I also teach. One of my favorites? The Rhonda Larson "Moving On" . See if you can listen to it first. The Piazzola Tango Etudes are fun. Muczynski Three Preludes. And I should stop now - more and more pop out at me. There are also some NON-favorites here - dull, pedantic - but on the State list, so I keep them around. I never play them in public, and my students never choose them out of the pile I give them to pick from. Not going to poison you by saying which!! Of course the Telemann and Bach ) dad and son) ones are always standards - and the Hindemith as well. I better stop now - this is just what I cold grab off my list now, and betcha your teacher will think of even more.

    Bennett, RR Sonatina

    Bach, CPE Sonata in A Minor for Solo Flute

    Bach, JS Son a (w piano - various unacc)

    Bach.Mols 20 Concert Studies

    Bozza, Eugene Image

    Debussy, Claude Syrinx

    Dick, Robert Lookout (w/CD)

    Feld, Jindrich Quatre Pieces

    Ferroud, Pierre Trois Pieces

    Fumet Interpolaire

    Gorecki, Henry Valentine Piece

    Higdon. Jennifer Song

    Hindemith, Paul Eight Pieces

    Honegger, Arthur Danse de le Chevre

    Hoover, Katherine Kokopelli

    Hoover, Katherine Reflecions

    Hoover, Katherine Spirit Flight

    Ibert, Jacques Piece pour Flute Seule

    La Montaine, John Sonata

    Lamb, Peter Reflections

    Lantier, Pierre Trois Pieces

    Larson, Rhonda Be Still My Soul

    Larson, Rhonda Lughnasa

    Larson, Rhonda Movin' On

    Larson, Rhonda Sweet Simplicity

    Lees, Benjamin Soliloquy Music from King Lear

    Levinson, Gerald Odyssey

    Liebermann, Lowell Eight Pieces Op. 59

    Liebermann, Lowell Soliloquoy Op. 44

    Muczynski, Robert Three Preludes

    Ohana, Maurice Quatre Improvisations

    Paganini Caprice No. 23

    Persichetti, Vincent Parable FLUTE

    Persichetti, Vincent Parable PICCOLO

    Piazzola, Astor Tango Etudes

    Rivier, Jean Virevoltes

    Rouse, Christopher Valentine

    Schubert, Franz Rosamunde

    Telemann, Georg Philipp Twelve Fantasies

    Thomson, Virgil Sonata

    Tower, Joan Valentine Trills

    Varese, edgar Density 21.5 (1936 - Barrere platinum fl.)

    Source(s): Professional flutist/teacher in NY since 1973 - adjudicator for state wide competitions including All-State.
    • Khiara6 months agoReport

      Unaccompanied. My teacher suggested the two pieces mentioned above but I'm seeking out some more repertoire too. And my stats?! Don't know how that's happened....wouldn't know where to begin to start pirating them etc.!!

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