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why do all men and women hate each other?

i mean i hate both men and women so i dont really care but am actually just curious as to why all men and women hate one another. i am misanthropy

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  • Foofa
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    5 months ago

    You wouldn't even be here to write that question if your parents didn't at some point like each other enough to create you.

  • 6 months ago

    they don't . they joke only about that

    • Anonymous6 months agoReport

      kind of seems like a serious thing to joke about

  • Lili
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    6 months ago

    Learn how to use the English language. You are not "misanthropy". You are a misanthrope.

    You really are a little ignoramus, aren't you? All men and women do not hate each other. Hyperbolic generalizations, as I just point out on another question, do not make people look very intelligent.

    Go back to school.

  • Men and women don't hate each other. There's differences in opinion. Men and women have different interests when it comes to each other.

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  • 6 months ago

    A few idiots posting weird stuff online are not "all men" and "all women."

    Sorry, try to make it "average" all you like, your hatred is still unusual.

    And nasty.

  • 6 months ago

    so you are a emo kid?

  • 6 months ago

    It doesn't just happen naturally

    Something or SOMEONE causes it to happen

    It depends on if the person is willing to keep doing it


  • 6 months ago

    I'm pretty sure men and women are fascinated with each other. Some may hate each other, but it's mostly attraction and fascination.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    kinda bias statement if you are in between, isnt it? Man and Woman dont hate each other. There are about billions of them get married until they are old. The divorced ones are the people without love. they get married for something else.

  • 6 months ago

    Because women want men to know what they want without them telling men what they want, and men just want to be left to their lives.

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