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Sometimes I see a grey thin layer covering the solidified yolk in a hard-boiled egg. Why? does it mean the egg was spoiled?

My mother used to say that dark color on the yolk is a sign that the egg would turn to a male chick.

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  • Anna E
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    7 months ago

    It means that the egg was boiled too long. This happens all the time to me because I like to make sure they are hard boiled. There is nothing wrong with this, you can eat or devil the egg with no harm.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    It is safe to eat as long as the egg was not floating on the surface while being cooked.

    Eggs that float on the top are outdated and filling with gas from decomposure of the produce, fresh eggs always sink directly to the bottom. If you have an egg that winks to the bottom but one end tips up it is still safe to est u til it actually becomes buoyant and floats.

    Why do eggs turn green or have green on the inside? Great question.

    When you scramble eggs and they seem to get a greenish tint to them it is because there is a chemical reaction with the yolks going on when the eggs come in contact with iron from the skillet while they are being cooked. When the eggs are getting close to their expiration is when you will see the greatest color change, but as long as the eggs fresh enough to eat before cooking the color change doesn’t effect it. That’s why you should always float your eggs before using them in anything, occasionally micro cracks get in the shell or thin spots that the air acts as an accelerant and even a batch of fresh eggs that come in one from the bunch could float.

    In hard boiled eggs it is a similar chemical reaction, the iron from within the yolk comes in contact with the sulfur that is drawn out of the whites from overcooking and where they meet at the boarder between the yolk and edge of the white it turns a grayish green when the elements meet. The older the eggs the greater of a color reaction. The amount in the egg is not harmful to eat just unsightly for the most part, if th egg was safe before cooking it’s still safe after. Also using a pail or bowl of ice cold water to shock the cooking into stopping cooling the eggs faster then letting them sit cool, it lessens the chance of the eggs forming color, the fresher the egg the easier it is to peel if they are cooked properly. Many people over cook their hard boiled letting them boil for at least 45 minutes, then they either pour the water off and let cool naturally or they let them stand in the hot water until they are cool enough to put inside the refrigerator and they cannot understand why the eggs turn so green and are so hard to peal.

    There is no way to tell if the egg would have been male or female as the eggs we consume have never been fertilized. If your wondering how you can tell when an eggs been fertilized, you will see a little dark speck or a red streak inside near the yolk, but even the. You cannot tell which sex the chick would have been born.

    Also people sometimes hard boil eggs then put them back in the carton without marking them or pealing them so they stay fresh longer. Let’s say all the eggs get transferred into different cartons without the person knowing that some of them had been hard boiled. How do you tell which ones were cooked and which were not by looking at them?

    You cannot tell by looking at them, but what you can do is set the egg on its side and give it a spin carefully so it doesn’t shoot off the edge of the counter. If the egg spins fast like a top and keeps spinning then it’s hard boiled as the insides are now solid don’t stop the inertia given to the spin. Eggs that are not boiled and have liquid centers that cannot balance as liquids move, the liquids in turn compared to solids absorb the energy given to the spin and the egg may turn around once or twice but the center absorb all the energy and they stop the energy from passing making the egg spin.

    • oikoσ
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      7 months agoReport

      Very good but is the older eggs that are easier to peel after hard-boiling. With a farm-fresh egg, you should sit the egg out on the counter overnight or you will be peeling it square mm by square mm.

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  • 7 months ago

    The yolk contains iron, and when the egg is over-cooked the white starts to break down to produce hydrogen sulphide. That reacts with the iron to produce the black layer. Actually it's very dark green.

    The effect is far worse with eggs which are not fresh.

    To prevent it, hard boil the eggs for the correct time and then rapidly cool them as eggs will continue to cook from their residual heat for a few minutes after they have been removed from the water.

    Eggs with a dark green ring may be unsightly but as long as they weren't bad before cooking they are perfectly safe to eat.

    Your mum telling you that it was a sign that the egg would have been a male chick is a bit like parents telling their children that when they hear an ice cream van playing a it's tunes it's because they've sold out of ice-cream...

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