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Is an uneven bite during orthodontic treatment normal?

Recently got a filling redone by my dentist on my back tooth. Everything was fine. He checked my bite and asked if it felt ok and it did aside from sensitivity that has now gone away. About two weeks later now I have braces on, and on the side I had the filling done, my bite feels unaligned. The right side of my teeth no longer touch when I bite because of the left side already touching that feels misaligned. Is this because the braces are shifting my teeth and this is normal? I also have elastics in. Any helpful comments before I am able to get ahold of my ortho is appreciated!

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    Orthodontic treatment is treatment to move your teeth, ligaments and even jaw bone. This means that the way your teeth bite together is going to change every single day. As this is a very gradual minimal movement you will hardly notice it, but sometimes it is noticeable if you bite together and realise teeth that usually had contact now don't/ vice versa. This is completely to be expected, after all, you're having treatment that makes your teeth move! So your bite MUST change, it would be impossible for it to stay the same. The fact you're wearing elastics only strengthens this as the purpose of these is to correct your "occlusion" (the way your teeth meet when your mouth is closed).

    Don't worry & good luck with your treatment.

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    your bite level will change with fillings, as your teeth were used to a lower level. perhaps you need fillings in the other half though. honestly, that is a question for your dentist.

    but really, if it's nothing, as long as the gap isn't huge, it's likely your jaws will equalize after a while.

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    The whole purpose of orthodontic treatment is to adjust your bite.

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