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Does being Duffy Positive and MNS+s+ Blood groups if you are African-American woman have a baby with someone with the same blood type?

If an African-American woman is duffy positive and MNS+s+ would it make it easier and safer to have a baby with someone who has the same blood group than someone who is Duffy Negative and MNS-s+ Or MNS-s-?


If I were duffy negative could I have problems if I were with someone who is duffy positive vs duffy negative?

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    The ONLY time blood groups are an issue in pregnancy is if you have the antibodies (NOT the antigens) to a blood group that 1. crosses the placenta 2. and causes a hemolytic disease. The pos or negativity of the father doesnt matter at this point, The MNS system is not known to cause a hemolytic problem. If you are pos for the antigens you WOULD NOT have the antibodies. You have asked this before. If you are still confused speak to your OB so they can explain better,

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