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Should I spin my cartilage hoop?

I got a double helix piercing a year ago and they have gone through 2 infections, 1 of which required antibiotics and the other I was able to get rid of with detol and magnesium sulfate.

The upper piercing is fully healed and spins around fine with no pain. A month ago I attempted to spin the lower one, but ended up creating a tear in the piercing (I assume), which got infected and is now suffering the damage of drying and peeling from my detol and magnesium sulfate treatments, although the infection is gone.

Should I spin the hoop as it heals, so that it doesn t heal as a curve (which I assume it did last time as it tore when I tried to flip it)?

I want the hoop to be able to move up and down like the upper piercing, but I m worried if I leave it it ll heal curved again, but if I move it it won t heal at all.

Any ideas what to do?

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  • 5 months ago

    i would check with the person who did it or a doctor firtst

  • Laura
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    5 months ago

    Because you have a hoop in the piercing it will heal as a curve. Moving or spinning the jewelry won't change that because its still going to heal in a curve.

    If you don't want that, change the jewelry to a stud.

    You should not move the jewelry in a healing piercing, you end up with lots of issues. You have already experienced the issues you can get if you move the jewelry in a healing piercing, so why would you think its a good idea? Its not. Stop moving the jewelry. Yes it will heal if you stop moving it because thats what the human body does.

    • I Am Me5 months agoReport

      the upper ring didn't heal as a curve and it spins, as I explained despite it being a hoop.
      After the lower hoop was completely healed it got infected by moving it, which is why I was confused as the upper hoop is fine

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