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We have a 5 yo neutered male He is cur, catahoula, pit mix ( I call him my blender pup). He is very obedient and lives inside Thinking?

About getting a puppy, female. What are the chances of Camo acting up? I never want him to feel anything but loved as he is


Ok, that came out a bit wrong. There should have been a period after lives inside. We are thinking of getting a puppy, but want him to still feel as loved and comfy as he has been for past 5 years. Both Camo and puppy are rescues

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    Any new animal you bring into your home, is invading your dogs territory. Yes he will be upset, his territory has been invaded, a 5 yr old dog is not going to want anything to do with the puppy or it puppy play. He will feel rejected cause you pay more attention to the new pup than you do him.

    He will growl, snarl, nip & possibly attack the pup if the pup does not heed all his warnings. All of that is quite normal & to be expected. If it comes to the point that he attacks the pup, it will sound 10 thousand times worse than it is. He will not kill the pup unless he is dog aggressive. It is just a warning. Similar to a dominat roll of an aggressive dog. He will be instilling that he is top dog of the house hold.

    Just give him lots of attention & ignore the pup sometimes.

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    Ty, he is SO not an aggressive dog lol, just a big baby. I will be sure to pay him a LOT of attention, just didn’t know what to expect. He plays well with other dogs, but has never had one “live” with him before. Visiting is nice, just apprehensive about the move in aspect. Thank you so much for your answer. So many ppl here can be just ruthless when answering. I did talk to my vet first, but wanted to toss it out in the “dog world” to see what others have experienced

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