Can I convert monotone speakers into a stereo system?

Recently bought a sound system consisting of 2 x Sony Gtk-x1bt s however disappointed to discover unlike other speakers I ve had they are monotone sound.

I d prefer a stereo system as will be using left and right channels for music and TV speakers and wondering how I might do this if even possible, could I possibly get an amp and physically split the channels and would this even sound like proper stereo???

I know a bit about speakers but this has me totally confused any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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  • Tony B
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    6 months ago

    I hope you don't take offence - I'm trying to be helpful...

    The term you want is monophonic (one channel, not stereophonic). Monotone means not varying in pitch. I think this is confusing people.

    I'm not at all familiar with a system like this but it seems to me that each cabinet contains two sets of drivers and produces a 2 channel stereo sound. You'd only notice this if you sat directly in front of one of the cabinets and the cabinet was in a horizontal position. Connecting the second cabinet just reproduces exactly what the first cabinet is producing. You could place the second cabinet in another part of the room or even in a different room and everyone would still get the “full effect” rather than just one channel. In other words, you don't have a pair of stereo speakers.

    I suppose it would be possible to adapt these units so that one produced the left hand side of the stereo image whilst the other produced the right but it would require a lot of work and expense and, to me, it would be much easier to just buy a pair of stereo speakers.

  • 6 months ago

    Find someone who can help you in person.

    An audio repair shop is one place to look.

    • James6 months agoReport

      I'm thinking about visiting a local shop see if they can give me a hand with all the advanced bits

  • 6 months ago

    can you post pics of the set up james?


    almost all sound systems sold are 2 ch stereo,,or more channels,one for a woofer,, 5 channels are common,

    if your sound source/tuner/device is at least 2 ch stereo,get a used receiver from the 80s,or 70s,with AUX IN shown on the rear connection panel,

    8 ohms is the standard for speakers & amps,state of the art stuff today often have varied ohms for required speakers to connect,\\

    get other speakers,if the ohms are not matched,,what you have may perform OK,but with less power that that rated.

    • James6 months agoReport

      Other people have suggested that the units play stereo on their own but when used in party link mode to connect them up it's a monophonic system. So I think I can play stereo but since it's within the units and I can't separate the channels on either sides of the room this way I can't use for the tv

  • P
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    6 months ago

    The Sony Gtk-x1bt has stereo sound per each individual speaker on the left and right side of it. It's not really meant to be broken out in individual channels, however it can be done. You would have to get a stereo receiver\amp, purchase two Bluetooth adapters, pair them individually and connect the adapters to the left and right channels of the amp.

    • James6 months agoReport

      Yeah I did suspect they might be individual systems and you can just link them together for Increased power output, I'd like to usr them for music but also stereo sound for a TV and games setup though if splitting the signal isn't proper stereo I'm not sure there's much point :/

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  • Carson
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    6 months ago

    I've never heard of monotone speakers. Does that mean they only have one cone? Coaxile has two Triaxial 3...

    Stereo sound is at the source amp and the media, like an album.

    There is left and right channels. One 'monotone' speaker to L one 'monotone' to R, if the media was recorded in stereo, is stereo.

    During the 1940s up to 50s records were mono then stereo. The first Beatle albums were mono.

    Stereo is a division of sound.

    IE. Rhythm guitar Bass and kick drum come out of right. Lead guitar keyboard come out of left. Vocals may split or use both.

    You could take two old speakers out of a console tv (Look it up) and wire one to L one to R in a stereo amp. No matter how those speakers were made they are going to produce stereo.

    For years mixing boards were mono.

    During a concert, I think Deep Purple, the sound man started turning the 'pan' or balance pot. He watched the audience turn there heads as he panned left to right. Now we have stereo boards.

    • James5 months agoReport

      Okay, I'll have another look at it

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