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Does flunking out of master program mean the future is dark for those who experience it?

Meaning slim chance to find any jobs that require bachelor's degree and/or experience, even for those who already have years of work experience.

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    I did NOT flunk out of a masters program. I CHOSE to drop out, but I DI GO BACK to graduate school and earned a slightly different masters degree.

    I couldn't get my self off of academic probation. I dropped out for 7 YEARS, when I went back to college, it was as a nondegree seeking continuing education student. After a year I became an undergraduate student, After another year I earned a THIRD bachelors degree. Then I went back to graduate school. 6 years later I had a masters degree. I had no problems getting a 6 month internship, but there was no job offer at the end of the internship. That office later closed.

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    no. just don't mention the failed master's program

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    There's always a chance. **** those pessimists.

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    Not necessarily. It depends on your resume as well interviews. Employers are more interested in your skills than your degrees.

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