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Do any of you wish that your parents were more strict?

I was bought up in London by working class parents. They are not very well educated but they are socially and emotionally intelligent. My mother had a very traumatic childhood so it effected her self-esteem and confidence throughout her whole life. She has never worked and is very scared of working. My dad is very hard working and is not afraid to get out there and earn money. He has paid for a mortgage and I he always made sure he had enough money. They are relatively young. I am 26 and they are in their early/mid 40s. They are still working life out themselves. Recently I have been having a bit of a crisis myself. I feel like I am too comfortable in my life. I live at home still and most of my friends do due to the economy and stupidly high prices in London. I have a good degree but I don't feel prepared to use it in the rral world. I feel like I have missed life lessons. I had a gf of 5 years who left me because I could not make important decisions in life and for our relationship. I let her and others walk over me. I feel like I am scared to look for work and I give up before I even try. I love my parents and they would do anything for me but maybe that is the problem. I need a kick up the ****. I want to sink or swim and the way things are I just feel like going out on my own I would sink immediately. Most of my friends from different backgrounds feel that way too.

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  • 8 months ago

    You might be right about your parents lack, but no parents are perfect, and at this point it is your responsibility to make a better choice whatever your parents did or didn't give you.

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  • 8 months ago

    Oh don't throw it back on your parents. It's your character that is holding you back and whilst some of that is nurture, some of it is nature too. You now have the right intentions to get yourself going and you just need to give yourself a kick in the backside to get yourself started.

    It's a poor excuse, blaming London prices for being at home at 26. You aren't much of a catch for any poor girl are you? What a mess she'd have on her hands, wondering how you could set up home together and how you could manage on her salary alone to stay together.

    You have to kick it up a notch or 10. When we want to sink or swim, we first have to launch ourselves into a pond of water and take it from there. What you are doing is sitting on the side and blaming your parents for your lack of courage to jump in!

    "I'm scared to look for work". What kind of lame excuse is THAT?

    Work on your lack of confidence and self esteem, but do it effectively. Just walk out of the door and start looking for paid work. Any paid work. Don't tell me there's none in London. That's nonsense. Just pull yourself up by your chinstrap and get moving. Before you know it you'll be 46 then 66 and still sitting in a puddle of self loathing.

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  • 8 months ago

    Where are you working?

    • Craig8 months agoReport

      London. But its low paid and not a graduate.

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