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Could Paul Simon’s career been more infamously successful without Art Garfunkel?

Both are great respected musicians with each having skills that define them in their own creative right. Even though it was a duo, it always seemed to be Simons group. Both had good solo careers, especially Paul Simon. Hypothetically, with the same songs, could Paul Simon been much bigger than they already were. I bet nobody thinks of this question more than Simon and Garfunkel themselves.

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  • 2 years ago
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    It's an interesting question!

    If you got back to the time of Simon and Garfunkel, there weren't a lot of solo 'folk singers' at the time. Two men harmonizing just seemed to sound good in S&G's folky style. And there were other male duos in popular music if not so folky, like Chad and Jeremy and Peter and Gordon (Chad and Jeremy sounded so much like Peter and Gordon that a lot of people think they were the same two guys!)

    In fact, I really loved the harmony in their music and I missed it when Simon left. And as a solo, Paul Simon went in a whole different direction, which he probably couldn't have done with Garfunkel.

    But could he have started out without him? That's harder to say! I think probably so. Would he have started as a folksinger or with his later pop stuff?

  • WUWR
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    2 years ago

    Paul? Is that you?

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    art was his crutch, he needed him to walk at first but eventually he was confident enough to run without him.

  • 2 years ago


    The two combined couldn't have made that magic without the other, nor could have any member of The Beatles (or for that matter any other duo or group) started on their way to the success they had individually without first starting together. They mastered and grew together making it possible to go their own ways later on.

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