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My baby female leopard gecko is attacking my adult male??? Help??

I house my soon-to-be adult male with a juvenile female- the female is 8 months old, and the male is about a year and a half old. We got the female for free, because she’d gotten into a fight with another gecko- who ended up ripping off her tail. She has always been a bit aggressive with me, and the male has always been very calm and sweet. Lately, I’ve noticed that the male has been antsy, and running away from the female. He hasn’t been himself, if you will. He doesn’t like being handled as much, and is consistently nervous. He had even come up to the front of the terrarium, to which I believe, get my attention. Today, he was doing this in the corner. I was recording, as he looked as if he was waving to me. The female ran up behind him, and attacked him. A few minutes later, after notifying my parents that she was bullying him- she had nipped his tail a few days earlier, so this wasn’t the first occurance- I grabbed a book and was prepared to separate the geckos. I attempted to nudge her to the side, and she whipped around and latched on to my finger, drawing a bit of blood. I’m used to her biting me, but this was the first time she has actually made me bleed. Could she be a hot female? (A female incubated over the usual temperature) I’ve heard that they’re more aggressive than normal female geckos, and I believe this is why we got her for free. Note that both of the geckos were purchased from Pet Smart.

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    Separating them is the best thing to do. She may be attacking him because she is stressed out. I have 6 geckos and they are all fine living alone. They re solitary reptiles, they like to live alone. Ideally they should each have their own 20 gallon or larger tank.

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      Thank you for your input. I found it strange, since I’ve had breeders tell me that you can house 5 females with a male and they’ll do fine in a 20 gallon- although I doubt it. I have an extra tank, and we are planning on moving her into it tomorrow, after we get some more supplies for her own tank.

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    That’s pretty much what you’ve done with your gecko, your existing gecko is calm and peaceful you assumed just because you’re putting the same species..... approximate same age, but opposite sex.... they will instantly like each other, share their territories and have no issues with the instant introducing.

    The female sounds like she’s hyper and was not well socialized at all when she was very young, and will get the male worked up and aggravated to the point he will start acting like she does, become grouchy and start running and becoming aggressive.

    Your best bet is to remove her from the tank and get a separate tank each, let her live there instead. Not all animals get along together...same species same sex or even same species opposite sex. Some animals can only tolerate each other during mating season otherwise they will kill each other normally in nature, otherwise they live solitary lives.

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      And it’s important to learn from our mistakes. But it’s hard to learn from your mistakes, if all people do is shove it in your face that you were wrong. I’m only 14, and I was 12 when I got sunny.I ask that you understand it’s hard for me to learn from my mistakes if I’m getting scolded for them.

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