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What is the best way (flight plan) to get from Thailand to Columbia without going through the USA? Standard tickets seem too long.?

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  • Joseph
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    6 months ago

    You can fly from Thailand to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia or to Auckland, New Zealand. LATAM has a weekly non stop flight from Melbourne to Santiago; while QANTAS has a three times a week non-stop from Sydney and LATAM has a weekly flight with a stop in Auckland. In Santiago you can connect to a flight to Colombia. Or you can try going via Dubai to Sao Paulo and connecting there to a flight to Colombia.

    All the flights from South-East Asia to South America will be long. The leg from Sydney to Santiago alone is over 12 hours long and the Dubai to Sao Paulo is over 14 hours and you have to leave yourself plenty of time for connections so you are looking at next best thing to two days traveling.

    Is there a reason you want to avoid the US?

  • 6 months ago

    Just look for options via Europe, no need to get close to the USA

  • 6 months ago

    Best way means what?

    Obviously you want a route that does not involve the USA to change planes.

    Standard tickets seem too long? Really ? How much do you expect it to take to travel a minimum of 18,000 km.

    Hundreds of possible routes. Travel Agents get paid to search out the cheap ones. You can spend your time to do the search for Free.

    Thai Airlines to LHR and Avianca Airlines to Bogota. The cheaper routes take longer.

    Same Airline you can do it by Lufthansa.and KLM.

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