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What can i do to soothe eye strain?

i work on computers for a living.

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    All opticians can conduct a “VDU eye test”. In many countries employers are legally obliged to pay for an annual Visual Display Unit eye test for all employees who regularly use computers at work, so opticians are usually well equipped for that examination.

    If necessary the optician will prescribe glasses so that you can read the screen more easily, and sometimes they will also include a slight tint which they charge silly money for as it’s nothing special and you get the same effect by turning down the monitor brightness.

    In countries where employers must provide VDU tests the employer is also obliged to pay for any corrective glasses required (but only for the cost of the most basic frame and lens options).

    You can also help yourself: most UK employers advise their staff (often with onscreen nag messages) that they must take a 10 minute break from VDU usage every hour. That does not mean a leisure break, it’s just 10 minutes spent doing non-VDU tasks.

  • Kyle
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    6 months ago

    they make glasses that are tinted for such occasions. maybe make an eye doctor appointment if you have insurance and get their opinions. depending on your company, they might be able to reimburse you too if it's affecting your job.

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    Turn down the brightness on your monitor.

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