Why do some cities riot when their sports teams win a championship?

And then people will excuse the behavior as "celebration". Rioting isn't celebrating, it's criminal mischief.

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  • 6 months ago
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    Because "some cities" have no class. Others do. A conservative estimate of 500,000 fans showed up in downtown St. Louis for a parade honoring the Blues. Plus it was shown live, by 3 of the local TV stations. The celebration lasted for hours. Lots of drunks - fans & players alike. And yet not a single window got broke. Not a single car overturned or set on fire. Not a single gunshot. In fact, there wasn't a single arrest.

    Or how about yesterday's baseball game between the Cardinals & the L.A. Angels? Former Card's player Albert Pujols hits a home run & gets a standing ovation. It was in a losing effort. The Angles lost 4 - 2. But still...it showed RESPECT for what he'd done in the past while wearing a Cardinal uniform.

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    • Harley Race6 months agoReport

      St. Louis is my sports city as well. Very proud of how fans conducted themselves while celebrating the Cup win. I got to be there the night the Cards won the WS in 2011 too, that was fun, no rioting, no mischief, just a lot of beer flowing and having an innocently good time.

  • 6 months ago

    Each celebration as to be bigger, better and meaner and that is what is happening.

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