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Tank mate for crippled american cockroach?

i found a roach with no right legs. It can walk okay but spins in circles when it tries to run, so I felt sorry for it and decided to keep it. Would it be okay to put a cricket, meal worm, different species of roach, etc in its tank? I want to give it a tank mate, but i don't want to chance it breeding.

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    You know roaches kept in captivity, you can control any breeding. a lot of keepers do that to feed some offspring to geckos and lizards.

    They would only be compatible with their own kind, and some other insect like crickets may try to eat your roach.

    Maybe a couple dubia roaches, the pet store feeder sort, they are much the same.

    Keep in mind, American cockroaches have wings and can fly, so they need to be enclosed.

    Fast also so handling, escape is possible.

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    Try a funnel web or wolf spider

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