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Help - Home insurance policy has a clause the fragile items have a total limit of £500, if they are being handled.?


I knocked a wall hanging ornament off the wall, that landed on a clock and paperweight. Value of 3 items £770, insurance say only covered up to £500 for fragile items being handled. Is this correct?

Update 2:

I was not handling the clock and the paperweight, they were just positioned in an unfortunate place on the mantlepiece, but insurance company said they won't pay more than £500 for total claim, less excess. The clock alone, would cost £600 to replace.

Update 3:

I wanted to claim for the three items, the ornament, the clock and the paperweight. They have accepted the claim, but won't pay out more than £500. I did say I wasn't handling all three items, only the wall hanging ornament, but they said no, the clause still stands. It just seems unfair.

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  • 5 months ago

    If the policy has that limit, then it's correct. You'll have to read your policy to find out for sure, but I'd bet that's what the policy says.

  • 6 months ago

    How, exactly, did you knock the ornament off the wall? You say you were handling the wall hanging ornament....which means that a claim attributed to that hazard has a limitation. You could have damaged 100 other fragile items...sounds like it would still be capped at $500.

    Now, a couple of notes here.

    1. If you really have your valuable items down to a paperweight itemized on your insurance policy....this raised red flags. If you really did...you'd have an agent to ask.

    2. Personally, these values are two small to claim on insurance in my humble opinion.

    3. "It just seems unfair" get over your feelings and read the words on the contract.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Read the policy small print. If it's in print it's correct.

    • Casey Y
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      6 months agoReport

      But you admit to handling one of them...which likely extends to the subsequent damage of other items.

      But, you start by saying you knocked a hanging ornament off of the wall...were you handling it or not.

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