Help - Home insurance policy has a clause the fragile items have a total limit of £500, if they are being handled.?

Update: I knocked a wall hanging ornament off the wall, that landed on a clock and paperweight. Value of 3 items £770, insurance say only covered up to £500 for fragile items being handled. Is this correct?
Update 2: I was not handling the clock and the paperweight, they were just positioned in an unfortunate place on the mantlepiece, but insurance company said they won't pay more than £500 for total claim, less excess. The clock alone, would cost £600 to replace.
Update 3: I wanted to claim for the three items, the ornament, the clock and the paperweight. They have accepted the claim, but won't pay out more than £500. I did say I wasn't handling all three items, only the wall hanging ornament, but they said no, the clause still stands. It just seems unfair.
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