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Drinking a lot to help constipation but peeing a lot?

I have been constipated for the last week or so, and today I started feeling slightly better because I drank a lot of water and a bit of coffee too, and I have been eating lots of foods that are rich in fiber. But now I can t stop peeing! I have had to pee at least 20-30 minutes after I pee the last time. I want to keep drinking water to help my constipation but I m afraid I m getting dehydrated at the same time by peeing so much, even though my pee is clear. Is there anything I should stop/start doing to help this? Thank you!

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    The water s the best thing - stop the coffee. Caffeine is a diuretic.

    The basic rule of thumb when drinking water is 'water in = water out'. Your situation is normal and to be expected - it's a good sign.

    As to the 'fiber' thing, fiber has no magical power where constipation is concerned. The only thing that makes it better for constipation is that it holds onto water better and longer than other foods.

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    LOL! If you drink a lot of water, where do you expect it to go? If you drink a lot you're going to pee a lot. If you didn't, you'd blow up like a water balloon!

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    YOu wont get dehydrated - perhaps you need to try something like Lactulose from the chemist though.

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