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as an airport employee how easy is it to get on a plane without a ticket after getting through security?

I am getting a job at the airport at the airside and im curious if people have done this before and how easy/hard it would be.

I am sure some people must have attempted doing this , not that I am lol. Just curious


I SAID I AM JUST CURIOUS , lol I would never do that !!. I am just wanting to learn about these things as its my first time working in an airport and im trying to teach myself and make myself knowledgeable on things like this and growing up. I am 19 and its my first job in retail

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    Nearly impossible.

    It wouldn't work at the gate because you need a boarding pass to get through the door.

    Long story short, it would be obvious you didn't belong.

    Provided you had a tarmac security clearance, you could enter the jetway through the staff entry. There's usually a set of stairs near the end of the jetway so employees can go from the ground to the plane quickly. You could do that but if you were in civilian clothes, you'd be stopped immediately. Even if in employee clothes, they'd likely ask you what your business was.

    If you were somehow able to get on board and sit down, the manifest count would be off and you would be found.

    Have people tried before? Probably not because it would take an incredibly stupid person to think they could just waltz onto a plane without anyone noticing.

    There are several layers of security so if you somehow got past one or two, you'll eventually run out of luck.

    I worked at an airport and had tarmac access but I'm not dumb enough to go somewhere I knew I didn't belong! Just to the dumpsters and our designated storage locker and the United cafeteria. They had great fries for 60 cents!

    Even if you worked for the airline, you can't just walk on board. There's a process you have to go through and you actually have to wait until all of the paid passengers board and if there are still seats, then you get a boarding pass.

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      A SIDA violation. May result in a fine (both state and federal), arrest, permanent loss of SIDA access, loss of employment, a combination thereof, or a combination of all. Seen this happen before.

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    You have selected a best answer, but I will answer anyways in support.

    Not any more easier than anyone else traveling. You would still need to have a boarding pass and government-issued ID to get through security.

    As for using the SIDA credentials as a means of bypassing the screening process, that is highly not recommended. It is a violation both on the state and federal level which may result in legal action being taken along with loss of employment. I have seen this happen on a few occasions and the outcome was not good. I understand this was only an inquiry to satisfy your curiosity. (Asking questions as a new employee.. that is indeed a good thing. I encourage this. :-)) I am only stating such as a formality.

    Source(s): Work part-time as a TSA officer.
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    They check boarding pass at the gate and at the door of the aircraft

    Ain't gonna happen

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    Good for you.

    It is none of your business the security procedures used at your Airport. There are many obvious ones like locks on doors,multiple cameras covering most public spaces.

    Humans as in fellow employees watching their particular part of the Airport. Your tag has obvious clues on it as to where you are allowed to go.

    Some security is obvious like a Uniformed Guard or that camera over there.

    Hidden cameras, plains clothes security, Sky Marshall, undercover police, Customs etc just wandering around.

    Passenger count is very important. It is checked in many ways is all you NEED to know. The plane does not go until all boarding passes,/passenger heads are accounted for.

    It has happened the entire plane is cleared. The plane searched and then passengers loaded again checking each ticket pass. Security will want to know why YOU are not getting back on.

    How long do you think it will take them to find out you did not have a ticket?

    As this delay can cost the Airline $100,000 or more in costs to rebook connecting passengers. New Crew, possibly meals it is not something they do with joy. The gate crew responsible for the Airplane does not want to account for their letting an unticketed person onto the plane. It could be their job at risk. Their security clearance.

    The security services have more than enough to deal with. They really do not play nice with newbies wanting to play games testing the security procedures.Mistakes happen you go through the wrong door and get locked in or out of some place. They will review the cameras to verify your tale. Review the security logs of the locks and other sensors. You really do not want to be under constant observation for weeks after an incident. It is uncomfortable for your Boss and they may just decide that you are not worth the hassle and show you the exit.

    So do you think a free plane ride is worth losing your job. a fine, time in jail?

    If I tell you the secret ways to do it I am telling everyone else too. I like my high security clearance.Part of keeping it was dealing with those that did not belong. Usually by just having security escort them from my area of responsibility. I DID NOT CARE what happened to the individual after out of my area.I was too busy trying to see if they did something, left something behind or whatever.

    Suggest your first few weeks on the job concentrate on YOUR place of employment and their particular security rules. Over time you will learn and see the security procedures of the next area of the Airport.

    As issues change from day to day you can expect security procedures to change frequently.

    It was harmless pranks in the past. It is not anymore. Your choice to play games testing security procedures.

    Just accept the other side does not play nice with intruders when caught.

    A plane delayed costs about $1000 per minute NO EMPLOYEE wants to be responsible for this and they work to avoid it as much as they can.

    Needing to evacuate a section of the Airport to do a security sweep to check for some other stow away your hidden luggage can easily be $1,000,000 in expenses to the various groups at the Airport.

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    Difficult as everyone has to scan their boarding pass at the gate before being allowed to board the aircraft.

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    Most people are not willing to lose their job and risk imprisonment over the cost of a ticket. You could probably get on the plane, and might even avoid discovery by sitting in someone else's seat, but that plane is no taking off until the head count matches.

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    you do know that that is illegal and could result in you being fired and arrested

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      and they check for boarding passes and badges for crew

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