Why do most people go with Intel over AMD?

So I was building my first pc about a year ago and was trying to decide between AMD and Intel and what I saw was much better performance at much lower prices from AMD. So why does everyone seem to go with Intel?


Thanks for all the great detailed answers but when it comes right do to it the real reason is probably because most computers are coming from the factory with intel. In other words everyone knows Intel and may be afraid to take a chance with AMD. That's how I felt at first but I don't regret trying the ryzen 7 and it definitely out performs my old pc. And I'm likely to go with AMD on my next build. I'm not really into gaming by the way I more into animation and video editing.

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    Because that's what comes with most of them from the factory.

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    Intel held a significant advantage in regard to performance for over a decade for similar tasks. AMD fell behind or or not long after their K3 series, and are only recently starting to bridge the gap. AMD is much closer now to equivalency than they were 5 years ago, and are almost comparable at a cheaper price point. How you invest in your computer is up to you -- do your own research.

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    6 months ago

    Uhh, this is NOT a computer building forum and the people who seem to be answering your question aren't talking much about the pros and cons of choosing Intel over AMD.

    One thing I recall is that Intel and ATI or AMD and NVidia don't always play well together... ALSO consider that there's more than two players in the house, I know people who will buy from MSI too.

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      Criticizes other answers

      Can't get the facts correct with his own answer

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  • 6 months ago

    I recognize Intel more than I do AMD. I know AMD had nothing wrong with it, however everything I buy uses Intel.

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    6 months ago

    haha funny question but it's not like it matters because Intel is gonna die on 7/7/19 when the Ryzen 9 3900x comes out. Might as well write an obituary for Intel.

    BTW, At equal clock speeds Ryzen is more energy efficient than Intel Core processors.

    BTW, Intel offers massive discounts to HP, Acer, and Dell to put Intel processors into computers. Here soon Intel will resort to illegal tactics in order to get their inferior processors put into prebuilds.

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      Intel will get buried next to Moore's Law

  • Fulano
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    6 months ago

    How are you comparing the CPUs to say AMD is faster?

    The multi-core performance is usually what is displayed in benchmarks, but in many cases the single core performance is much more important, especially in gaming. Some of the newest AAA games can fully use an 8 core CPU, but the vast majority do not. Usually only specific productivity programs can do that, the rest of the programs usually do better with faster cores.

    Intel's strength is in core speed. Even my 5 year old 4th gen i5 keeps up with the 2nd gen Ryzen chips in gaming because of the core speed. When I bought it, it was cheaper than AMD's best chips, and about 50% faster. So where people say AMD is faster for the price, it often isn't, if you need core speed or gaming performance.

    But, right now if all you're doing is playing the latest games, then a Ryzen usually provides the 60 FPS that people want. If you're trying to get 144 Hz, the Ryzen chips will struggle. I also like how AMD's motherboards support more generations of chips, I think that alone makes it a good reason to get into Ryzen chips right now.


    Ah yes, there is also that factor that AMD's FX chips were not very impressive but that's all they had for years, so Intel's market share increased significantly over those years. It's good to see AMD's chips are more competitive these days.

  • A.J.
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    Intel CPUs are more energy efficient, counting heat dissipation and power supply needs. They have higher single core performance, important in many applications, and in Desktops stalled in Technology releases where the FX series was behind Intel in technology at the time in 2011 with FX-4100, 6100, 8100, and improved little for the FX-4300, 6300, 8300 series in October 2012. Desktop PCs were often for gaming, and gaming use of cores was limited. Skyrim used two cores fully and two cores partially as a 2011 game release and an FX-8350 8 core and core i3 Intel two core had approximately the same gaming performance.

    Intel continued to release improvements. It wasn't until Ryzen, in February 2017, and game engines using more cores, that AMD CPUs had good gaming performance.

    They still are behind Intel in gaming when testing equivalent general performance. That is, a 10000 Passmark


    from Intel is better at gaming than a 10000 AMD CPU, and in a computer to get cost, you need to compare it as similar matching motherboard and power supply utilization, but you can get or build an AMD based overall cheaper than equivalent performance Intel.

    There are other applications where single core performance is important.

    Also, in a low end PC, the AMD integrated graphics usually beat Intel and the cheapest builds did not include a separate graphics card and were an entertainment system rather than gaming PC.

    $338.42 plus Windows and peripherals on an AMD 2400G part set, plus applicable shipping and tax


    with the Vega 11 integrated, to go Intel we can reduce the CPU a little to an i3-9100F and add an RX 560 card and Intel beats notably in gaming, but AMD is better in other functions by a little.



    Assuring a compatible motherboard, a good value graphics card, a needed CPU cooler that is decent.

    AMD Cpu would be less than 10% stronger but the graphics card with the Intel would be close to double performance. Motherboard in the Intel is better also. You can add the graphics card to the AMD and get a slightly better performance than Intel at a slightly lower total price.

    If you were looking at legacy FX series AMD about a year ago, as a year 2012 CPU in a 2018 build, you compare it to an Intel Pentium for gaming though non-gaming, you were correct that AMD was cheaper using FX series.

  • 6 months ago

    I always go for AMD. You get more bangs for your buck. Intel is "cool". People make a lot of money selling inferior "cool" products to the gullible.

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      Intel won't be better for long. You might as well change your screen-name from Ghost of Christmas Past to Ghost of Intel's Glorious Past.

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    A lot of people believe that the more you spend, the better the product must be. Also, Intel does a lot more advertising than AMD.

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