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My dad is emotionally and physically abusive and now he’s homeless?

My dad was very abusive. He held me against a wall by my neck once, he beat the heck out of my bother and sister, I also seen him lay hands on my mother and he killled a few of our animals while in a bi polar rage. My mom kicked him out and he then started saying we weren’t his kids anymore. Now, I am 25, he has done so much drugs and alcohol he is now homeless (has been for a few years) I drive past him and have to pretend I don’t know him, while he holds a sign. To be honest I am kind of scared of him still. My bothers and sisters are all disgusting and embarrassing of him. I have to half brothers (diff moms) who want nothing to do with me just because I am his daughter and they look down on me because of that but I am not a bad person like him. I don’t know what should I do about my dad and brothers

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    You don't have to pretend you don't know him. That is a choice. When you drive past him, you could pray for him in your mind, or even stop if you think it's safe, and offer him some food and water. You could start taking another route too.

    God sees it and would know if it's avenge yourself a bit or if it's to be kind, but he can work that out in you too.

    It may take a long time to get over what you experienced with your dad, but you don't have to feel guilt over what he has done to himself. You can point your thoughts in the direction you want them to, with effort. You are not obligated to take him in. If you could get someone like an authority to help him, it might be a good thing, but even that might be temporary, as homeless do not always cooperate with the shelter or authority's rules. It is good of you that you see him and it pangs your heart, but it is not your fault or your duty to change it and make it stay changed. he has to want to.

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    There is nothing your can do about your father and it is not your responsibility. Your half siblings are not your responsibility either. If they do not want to be part of your life your have to accept their decision. STOP accepting blame because your are his daughter - YOU had nothing to do with being conceived that was your parents doing.

    I would suggest that you get a good education and make a life of your own.

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    i rnight talk to hirn but i wouldnt take hirn in

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    troll... fake story...

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      Why would you think this is a fake story? This happens to people often!

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