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I hit my head. How do I know if it is serious?

At around 10:30AM yeserday I hit my head fairly hard while getting into my car. It hurt for a while and still hurts a bit but I have no current nausea or vomiting or unconscious or memory loss or anything, however I have heard that even minor head injuries could be damaging. My mother and I do not want to waste time and money with a doctors office visit that is just because I am worried. It is currently 5:07AM the next morning after I hit my head and I havent slept as I am worried.

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    Normally you will feel dizzy or heavy on one side. Check your pupils if there not the same size or your eyes won't focus go to the hospital. If you had a bad concussion you wouldn't be on here, and you wouldn't have a problem falling asleep.

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    "The Mikel"'s answer is pretty good.

    My opinion: A high speed impact with an unyielding object, such as a fall onto concrete, is a dangerous injury. A head bump while getting into a car is not.

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    A head injury may present different symptoms depending on its severity.

    Symptoms of a mild head injury include:

    some bleeding


    a mild headache

    feeling sick or nauseated

    mild dizziness

    Symptoms of a moderate head injury include:

    passing out for a short time

    confusion or distraction


    a lasting headache

    temporary changes in behavior

    memory problems

    loss of balance

    Symptoms of a severe head injury include:

    significant bleeding

    passing out and not waking up

    having a seizure

    problems with vision, taste, or smell

    difficulty staying alert or awake

    clear fluid or blood coming out of the ears or nose

    bruises behind the ears

    weakness or numbness

    difficulty speaking

    Key symptoms of a concussion include:


    a headache

    dislike of noise or light


    balance problems

    blurred vision

    feeling groggy

    difficulty concentrating

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    Coming on here for information on head injuries could be dangerous. If you are having severe headaches you may want to see a doctor. Also if you do start becoming nauseated.

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      Definitely am looking out for any red flag symptoms! Also I know it is dangerous on here and nobody on here is truly qualified to give me an answer but To ease my worries I tend to come on this website ! Thank you for your response

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    It could just be bruising. If you can remember the exact time you banged your head and where you banged it then it obviously hasn't affected your recent memory. Even if the impact knocked you out the problem may be nothing. Though it would be the best thing to do if it worries you to go see a doctor. I doubt anyone on yahoo answers can give you a safe answer. I've gone full weight full forced down onto the sharp corner of a shoe box before. It did make me very dizzy and it did HURT a lot. Even leaving a scar for some time, though there were no prolonged or life threatening side effects for me. If you banged your head on something more blunted or curved it could still be worth looking into.

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