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Piano players, what would you say?

A friend of mine asked me the following this morning, knowing I was supposed to work in the afternoon.

"xxxx (her '21-year-old' daughter) is taking a singing audition on Monday. It'd be great if we recorded your play for her practice. We'll be out of town tomorrow. Can we visit you after you come back from work?"

She said she was sorry that I might be tired after work, but sent me 9-page-long sheet already.

I was surprised because it was so sudden, and the key was Gb major (Although I can play with chords, I rarely see such chords like Cb-major!)

15-min later, this friend actually brought the printed sheet and said "I know you're perfectionist, but you don't have to play perfectly. xxxx just wants to get some idea how it goes as she will have a pianist that plays this at the audition. Relax and have fun"


She said "you don't have to feel pressure!"

I told her that I was not great at sight reading, but I'm not sure if she realizes that she did give me a pressure by asking this...

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    As Mordent said - those of us who are PROFESSIONALS or very fine amateurs, would not see a problem with the music - but frankly, this whole thing is insulting to ANYONE! We do not want to have anyone assume that we will drop everything to make time for them. We do not want anything but our BEST - and that requires looking over the music, and possibly solving some odd spots - not everything NOTATED for the piano is easy in the hands, or logical ( says someone who has played from zillions of opera score reductions!!). My adult son, who also does this work, sent me a hilarious "Fine Sheet" for singers who make such insensitive demands of pianists - that is how common RUDE people are! So smile at your friend and tell them that you have Other Plans for that time, and would be glad to assist in the future is given at LEAST 2 weeks' notice. If they had to call a professional, it would NOT BE CHEAP - mainly because of the *drop everything and pay attention to MEEEE* aspect.

    My husband is brilliant at this - and his sister is a retired opera singer. She lives next door and has a key to our house. Sometimes years ago, we would come home from a long day teaching school - and when he finally went into his piano studio - there would be a new shirt and tie - and an OPERA SCORE - and yes, she need recordings of that RIGHT NOW - and then live practices ASAP. We'd hope she kept the return tags for the shirt . . . but with family, sometimes you have to be diplomatic. But he HAD to fix this with her - it got out of hand.

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    If it was me I'd have no trouble with it. Gb major is actually a good key to play in for pianists, it sits very nicely under the fingers - even if it's a little tricky to get your head around. Maybe try pretending it's in G major (don't forget your F#!), especially if there aren't many accidentals.

    The issue I'd have with it is the fact your 'friend' is being very pushy. You're doing them a favour and yet they're making a lot of demands of you and your time. Are you being paid for this? Even if you only play it 3 or 4 times through and do it in 2 takes it's still going to take at least an hour.

    • Anna6 months agoReport

      Yes, not only because of 'Gb' but her way of asking wasintimidating she even preached me how I should consider.... Another issue is my friend's being helicopter mom. This is all her daughter's fault as she had not planned anything by herself until last minute

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