What would be a good WiFi booster or repeater?

The cell phone that we use as a hot-spot is on one side of the house, and I am on the other other,

There are times I only get 1 bar. not good, so I am looking for a booster, or a repeater.

I do not know the top speed, but I know we can do 70 gig is 4 days, so the booster or repeater needs to handle that much.

I asked this before and said it was a router, but it is not. it is a cell phone so their idea will not work.

I do not even know what a mesh system is. I have never heard of one, but I doubt that is a option with a cell phone hot-spot.

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    You do know that if you have unlimited data plan on that cell phone, they will throttle you down to a crawl when you exceed a certain amount. Go read the fine print. As far as an extender - go to Amazon, get a Netgear. With all the people in your place using this, somebody better learn how to do this the right way. And get an app that measures signal speed and signal strength. You need more bars, and faster - the app will tell you what you have, and then the new improvement. Using a phone as a hot spot is hardly a good way to do this. Get a modern/router and PAY for the service.

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