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Why did America nuke Japan instead of Germany?

Wasn't Hitler and the Nazis "The Bad Guys" of the War.

Why wasn't the nuke dropped in Germany?

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    It could be because Germany surrendered on May 8 1945 and the first atomic bomb was not even tested until July 16 1945.and the Little Boy bomb was not assembled until the 1 of Aug. 1945 more than two months after Germany had surrendered,

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    If you think about it lots of North American companies set up in Europe around 1950 and exporting was quite in demand globally and even today.

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    They have now 80000 trooo[s in Japan

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    Germany surrendered before the a-bomb could be dropped in Germany

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    "F.D. Roosevelt was still alive when the Battle of the Bulge began. That German offensive made the President more than just slightly perturbed. He called in BG Leslie Groves (military commander of the Manhattan Project), and asked him if they had one of the “gadgets” ready to go, and if so, get it ready for Berlin.

    The allied forces had recently taken Strasbourg (now in France), where the seat of the German nuclear program was located. Groves personally went to Strasbourg to determine how far along the German program had been. Groves determined that the German program was a very long way from developing a bomb, what they did have was going the wrong way to get there, and most of Heisenberg’s research was pointed at trying to develop a nuclear (pile) for a propulsion system, probably for U-Boats.

    The US program had enough fissionable material for three bombs. The U235 (Hiroshima) gun type bomb (the gun fired a plug of U235 onto into another plug of 235 on the other end of the barrel) required a large amount of that, difficult to isolate, fissionable material, but it didn’t need to be tested. They had enough plutonium to make two bombs, but the plutonium (squeeze bomb) did need to be tested to see if the complicated, detonation-lensing sequence would work.

    The Battle of the Bulge lasted less than a month, and, although there was another four months of futile, desperate fighting left in the Germans, the outcome of the war was assured, without the use of a “gadget.” Among many other considerations, Groves wanted at least two bombs for the continued fighting against Japan. One bomb was to let the Japanese know what we had, the second, dropped fairly soon after the first, was to make the Japanese government think a nuclear rain was about to befall them. From various accounts, it would have taken about six months for the US to have another bomb ready to go.

    Had Hitler crouched behind the Rhine, and the Siegfried line in the west, and used the forces he had squandered in the Second Ardennes Offensive (Battle of the Bulge) against the Soviets, the war in Europe might just have lasted long enough for Berlin to feel a new kind of heat. Of course, because of Roosevelt passing away, and the necessity of bringing Truman up to speed, with the ramifications of the new weapon, and the looming gloom of an invasion of Japan, history might not have changed much."

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    Please learn your history. Germany surrendered before any atomic bomb was even tested, much less ready for use. Even Japan was ready to surrender, but the bomb was used there a couple of times to get the terms of surrender that the US wanted.

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    The "Bad guys" of the war was Japan, Italy, and Germany. As well as Hungry and Romainia. The only reason why America entered the war was because of Japan.

    But regardless of that. America was going to use the bombs on Germany first. However, Germany surrendered before the bombs were ready to be used.

    But back to my first comment. When you look at the entire war as an overview. Everyone was the bad guy, including the allies.

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      You're right - neither side is innocent. I think the Axis was worse though in magnitude and sheer depravity.

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    Because Germany Surrendered

    Japan said it would fight to the bitter end with millions of casualties on both sides

    One bomb, two bomb, we surrender

  • 1. Truman’s main motive was to limit Soviet expansion in Asia

    2. The U.S wanted to intimidate the USSR

    3. The first atomic bomb was still under construction when Germany surrendered in May 1945

    4. Russia, Britain, and France was all over Berlin so they would have killed thousands of allies in the process which would not have gone down well.

    5. Germany was leveled by the time, the Atomic bomb was ready.

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      ...yet Truman did not allow MacArthur to win the Korean War.

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    The first Atomic bomb was not completed until July, 1945. The European war against the NAZI's had ended in May, 1945. Dropping the atomic bomb onto Germany after the European war was already over would have been very poor form, to say the least.

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    the war in europe was over by the time the bomb was available

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