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Moms do you think this is too much?

Asking my wife to lay in bed with our daughter (3) and I while I read her a bedtime story. I think it’s important for kids to see their parents together because mine never were and had a bad marriage but mine is beautiful

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    Just to clarify, are you wanting the three of you to read a bedtime story together? That sounds great! Have you asked your wife yet? If she says no, maybe she is just really busy at that time and you want to respect her space, or maybe you could ask her again to do this for you as it means so much to you? And certainly this is a very sweet idea, but don't worry if your wife is not available because your daughter sees her parents together and your beautiful marriage all day long :)

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    I think if you have to try that hard, you're covering for a bad marriage. If your marriage was truly "beautiful," you wouldn't need to set up appearances to make it look good.

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    sounds like a great plan to show your kids the closeness of your marital relationship

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    6 months ago

    Yes that's a bit too much

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  • 6 months ago

    Too much what?

    Most parents lie in bed at night for bedtime stories

    I dont understand what you are asking

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