Who you rooting for on the upcoming Big Brother 21 season, male and female?

for me im rooting for Holly female and fpr male im rooting for Jackson...

bonus question-How come theres always alot of people from Texas on Big Brother?

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  • 6 months ago
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    I like Jack, Nick, Ovi, Kemi, Bella, Tommy pre season. Though pre season favs usually change. Interviews aren't for the most part how they will play/be like in the game and when feeds come on.

    Winston was the pre season fav last season and then he let the paranoia get to him.People changed their minds once the show began.

    They always seem to cast people from California and Texas the most. Just the stereotype they seem to like

    Just like how there is always the gay guy, the Southern or Blonde girl, the Black guy or woman, the older person, the nerd etc

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