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Why can't I find anything entertaining anymore after finishing How I Met Your Mother?

I finished the series 8 days ago, and even though the last two seasons were a total piece of crap, once I finished it, I realised how incredibly entertaining it is, and no matter what I watch on the internet, I can't even pay attention to it for 3 minutes. Even to things that I enjoyed before watching HIMYM! Is there anything that could be done about this?

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  • ioerr
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    6 months ago

    if your biggest problem is how to keep yourself entertained i'd say you're doing swell

    • ioerr
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      6 months agoReport

      you could try switching to some other format like audiobooks. there's about a ton of those. i listen to those all the time

  • 6 months ago

    Maybe you could look up the director & writers and watch other things they've done? If you like HIMYM so much, maybe you will like other things they have done

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