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Is it better for me to give up my snake?

Please only read and reply if you actually want to help me. I don’t have enough time or patience for trolls or people who only want to criticize with no feedback.

I’ve had my snake for two years. I’ve always taken good care of her. Recently, I got a new dog. I’ve had him for 6 months now. Ever since I’ve had him I haven't been able to provide my ball python with as much attention.

I’ve gone over it and searched it up. She still is provided with everything she needs, just less time out of her tank than before, which I’ve read is fine as long as she is still socialized and taken out every once in a while.

All my animals are happy technically, but it’s been a strain on my mental state. I’ve just gotten my report card back which was not as good as I’d hoped, and I feel a little like a failure. Every time I don’t take her out before bed I feel terrible but for some reason it always ends up being only about one or twice a week. I just simply do not have enough time. If I were to rehome any of my pets it would be my python since she doesn’t have as much of an emotional attachment to me. (Of course I would try to rehome her with someone I trust can care for her).

I do think I will regret it though because I’m attached to her. And what if this phase passes and we will be fine after a while?

I feel like most of this is probably just me and my mental state so I shouldn’t take such a drastic change. But should I consider it?

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    Well, we have al had report cards we hoped would b better, that is not any indication of failure.

    Sounds like a temporary state you are going through that can lead to actions you regret later.

    Your call to re-home your snake, and the thought will only contribute to your mental state.

    True, snakes don't form any strong bond with a particular keeper, and no law says to have to even handle much at all. A suitable habitat, with the needed proper care is all they really need. If that becomes a burden, then the best interest for the snake is another good keeper.

    My first choice would be keep, then if just beyond limits, then re-home.

    This bad phase will pass, chuck the notion of looser. Have a good meal and good nights sleep, you will feel better in the morning and be able to think with a clear mind.

    Many people getting a snake, the novelty wears off then an innocent animal has to pay the price.

    I see you way beyond that and care enough to be a responsible keeper.

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    Snakes don't need attention, petting, or stimuli. They aren't like mammals who can form bonds, their brains are very primative. If anything, not holding your snake as often is better for them. They merely tolerate handling and prefer not to be touched. That's something for us to enjoy, them. So long as you can afford a couple minutes a day and some time each week for maintenance and feeding, I don't see any reason you should have to give up your snake.

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    I have the exact same with my ball python after i just got a new pet but snakes often live alone on the wild unless they are mating, and unlike dogs or birds they dont form a real bond with people and honestly couldn't careless if you handle them of not. As long as the snake gets time out if the tank and is fed and given water there is no need to get rid if them.

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    2-3 times a week is actually recommended for handling a python, every day can stress some out (obviously yours seems fine with it but basically less handling time wont make her miserable). Why don't you allocate 3 days a weeks to hold her, like a sort of schedule? As long as she has enough entertainment in her tank (a lot of branches and fake plants to climb around on when she want to, she'll be fine. They spends a lot of their lives in their hides anyway.

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